At Pet Ever, we offer everything from hypoallergenic pet products to tearless rinse formulas to make sure your “furry” companion receives top-quality pet grooming. Our salon utilizes the latest in grooming technology to provide convenient service in a clean, upscale atmosphere to keep your pet healthy, stress-free, and well groomed.

Main Packages

Regular Bath

Exclusive for Chihuahua (short hair), Pug & Frenchie

Only: $40

Service includes bath with high-quality shampoo and conditioner, Blow-dry, ear cleaning, nail trim and gland expression.

Full Bath

S/M: $55, L: $70, XL: $80 and XXL: $95

For dogs that do not need a haircut. Service includes:

* Deep-cleaning shampoo and conditioner, Blow-dry, Nail trim and buffing, Ear Cleaning or Flushing, Gland expression, Sanitary Trim, Hair trim: face, paws & tail, Deodorant and cologne.

Full Grooming

S/M: $70, L: $80, XL: $95 and XXL: $110

Service includes Full Bath services plus: * 15 minute brush * Full haircut or shave * Accessories: bandana or bow

Deep Cleaning – Short Cut

S/M: $90, L: $110, XL: $130 and XXL: $145

For dog with fur is tangled or has a problem with odor and fleas. Service includes Full Bath services plus: * Mat removal * Flea removal * Odor Removal * Full Hair Cut (very short) * Accessories: bandana or bow

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Extra Care Packages

Deshedding Solution

S/M:$14 L: $22 XL:32

Helps reduce shedding. Includes bath with Shed-Control Shampoo & Conditioner plus up to 20-30 minutes brushing with FURminator tool.

Special Hair Styling

S/M: $17, L: $25, XL: $35

Your pet will be bathed and pamper in moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to smooth out the coat, then brush up to 20 minutes and style as your request.

Dry/Itch Skin Solution

S/M: $17, L/XL: $22

Helps heal & soothe your pet skin with Veterinarian-developed shampoo and conditioner.

Flea & Tick Removal

S/M: $14, L/XL: $17

Service includes deep-cleansing bath with flea and tick medicated shampoo, anti-itch relief spray.


* Premium shampoo & conditioner: $10
Choose one of the options below to meet your pet’s needs:
– Color Enhancing
– Hypoallergenic Oatmeal
– Extra Moisturizing

* Teeth Brushing & breath freshener: $12

* Essential combo: $16
(Includes Premium Shampoo + Teeth Brushing)

* Brush/Demat (30 min): S/M: $17 L/XL: $22

* Nail trim and buffing: S/M: $14 – L/XL: $17

* Special Handling Fee: S/M $10 – L/XL $15